Terra Livre Vacation Camp

The activities for the first semester of our Educational Center are over, but the kids from the After School Program participated in the activities of our vacation camp till 07/11!

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So half the year is over already

We finished more six months of activities at our Educational Center, and on 06/28 we had our closing meeting for Community Education.

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Celebrating June s Birthdays

A day for celebration, there was cake, guaraná and lots of sweets for our little ones!

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Arraiá Terra Livre

How great is an Arraiá Party (Cultural Party)! Since the kids from the Terra Livre Educational Center could not be left out of such joyful event, we chose june 14th to throw the Terra Livre Arraiá Party!

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Enjoying the World Cup mood!

Entering the Cup’s mood, the teachers, Vanessa and Zelia carried out a very nice activity with our little ones in the Day Care.

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The Joy of Colors

More colors invaded our Educational Center and left everything much prettier! Thanks to the effort of our Construction R1 team, our children are getting a more friendly environment.

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Masquerade Ball - EBM and Casa Cor come together to support Terra Livre!

On May 26th we were excited to hold another event-- the Masquerade Ball, in partnership with EBM.

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O Boticário donates school ​supplies​!

Time spent amongst friends is always great, and this morning we had the pleasure of receiving a few visitors from the O Boticário staff, whom have visited many years before to hand out school kits to our 85 children and adolescents.

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Mothers Solidarity Campaign

To demonstrate that Mother's Day can also be a day where moms assist other moms who are less fortunate financially with their children, "Lulu Kids" a children's store here in Goiânia, held a Mother's Solidarity Campaign on May 9th-17th.

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A morning for the Mothers!

May 9th was the date chosen for our children from the Educational Center to honor their sweet mothers!

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The Easter Bunny at the Educational Center

On April 11th we happily received a visit from volunteers at our Educational Center.

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Around Goias

The American volunteers visited the waterfalls in Pirenopolis!

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Week of Solidarity 2014 - 8th edition

From March 15th until the 22nd, 40 American volunteers were joining us at Terra Livre.

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Terra Livre - 17th anniversary!

On January 23rd, Terra Livre is 17 years old!

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Good examples hunters

This neat couple was tired to listen to so many bad news and decided to drive around Brazil looking for good examples, people who make the difference in their community, who run social projects to beneffit others.

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